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Looking to Have Waterfall Gutter Guards Installed?
We Offer a Variety of Gutter Guards To Fit Every Budget in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.

Waterfall Gutter Guard System
Next Day Gutters installs the water fall gutter guard system as well as several other types of effective gutter guards. If you would like to request a free estimate or gutter protection consultation to see what type of gutter guards would work best in your situation, please contact us today.

Waterfall Gutter Guard Frequently Asked Questions

Q. In a really heavy rain, won’t water shoot off the side of the house?

A. No! Properly installed, The WaterFall® Gutter Guard System will handle any amount of rain that falls. WaterFall has been tested in conditions simulating over 10-in. of rain per hour (more than has ever been recorded anywhere) and successfully handled every drop. Simply, rain water clings to, and follows the surface of the WaterFall “steps” into the WaterFall channels, and then through the drain holes into the gutter. At the same time, leaves and debris slide over the “steps” and on to the ground. To check this first hand, next time it rains, watch how the rain falls from your roof into the gutters. Even in the heaviest rain, the water just drips off the end of the shingles. Seeing this will help understand how WaterFall handles heavy rain.

Q. Does ice cause a problem for WaterFall?

A. While The WaterFall system doesn’t solve any ice problems, it doesn’t create any new ones either. Snow will sit on the top of WaterFall. If the house is poorly insulated and the snow on the roof melts before the snow on the gutter guard, there may be some water that runs off the side. The WaterFall system will, however, keep water from freezing inside the gutter and the downspouts, which can cause severe damage.

Q. Will WaterFall keep pine needles, Douglas firs, seeds, etc. out of the gutter?

A. Yes for areas with a moderate number of trees and leaf fall! For areas with many trees and heavy leaf fall, installation of the WaterFall High Foliage Insert is recommended. Before WaterFall installation, it is important to make sure that the gutters are thoroughly cleaned. After installation, since one “step” of The WaterFall system hangs over the next, debris will fall over the side of the house. In moderate tree and leaf fall areas, any debris that manages to pass over the “steps” through the small gap into the channel and through the drain holes, will flush through the clean gutter underneath because there is no larger debris to hang it up and cause a clog.

Q Won't small debris like pine needles get caught in the channels and cause the water to shoot off the side?

A. No! When debris is able to navigate the “steps” of The WaterFall system one of two things will happen. 1) It will pass through the drain holes in the bottom of the channel and flush through the clean gutter. 2) The debris will sit in the channel briefly, but will be blown out by wind. The reason wind is so effective in clearing these channels is because it creates a lift similar to that of an airplane wing when it passes over the “steps,” creating an upward draft in the channels and blowing away debris.

Q. What about very steep roofs?

A. The WaterFall system has been tested on roofs all the way up to a 45-degree pitch. The upper limit for slope is even steeper, but we do not have a set limit. Anything over a 45-degree pitch should first be tested with one WaterFall piece to ensure effectiveness.

Q. Do you have to nail WaterFall into the roof deck?

A. No! One end of The WaterFall systems slides under the first course of shingles. The other end snaps and locks securely onto the lip of the gutter. No nailing is required.

Q. Will wind blow The WaterFall system off the gutter?

A. No! The roof shingles hold the top of the WaterFall, and a “jaw” snaps and locks onto the front edge of standard “K” style gutters.

Q.What is the best way to install WaterFall around corners?

A. The WaterFall system should be miter cut and butted together at both inside and outside corners. Also, it is good practice to install diverters at the bottom of long “valleys” created by two roof sections meeting at an inside corner. Note: There is no rule of thumb for this. Simply it is a solution if water flow at the valley is too much for The WaterFall system to handle.

Q. Should the end of gutter runs be capped?

A. Depending on where you live, birds and small animals may find the openings at the end of gutter runs attractive hiding/living places. If you perceive this as a potential problem, installation of The WaterFall End Cap is recommended. The WaterFall End Cap covers the gap between the gutter end cap and The WaterFall. Design of the end cap is such that it can also be used to join a miter cut at a corner.

Q.Will The WaterFall system work with cedar and/or tile roofs?

A. The WaterFall system is effective with these types of roofs, but difficult to install because cedar and ceramic tiles may break when they are lifted during installation. Installation of The WaterFall system on these types of roofs should only be for new cedar or tile roof installations.

Q. Can WaterFall be installed over vinyl gutters?

A. Yes, but only over vinyl gutters with the “K” style flange at the front gutter edge. Some vinyl gutters are manufactured with the “K” flange, and some are not. To determine whether installation is possible, a small sample piece of gutter guard should be tried.

Q. How are WaterFall lengths joined together?

A. WaterFall gutter guards should be installed with an approximate 1/2”gap between sections. This will allow for expansion and contraction of the material. The gap should be covered using the connector clips included in the box.

Q. Is there a warranty?

A. Yes! The WaterFall Gutter Guard System is backed by a limited five-year warranty that covers material defects.

Click here to learn more about the Waterfall Gutter Guard system.

Waterfall Gutter Guard System:

Lowest installed cost

Easy new or aftermarket installation

No roof penetration. No nails. No screws.

Great low profile appearance

Durable vinyl same as siding

Won’t crack or dent like aluminum

High rain capacity

Lowest installed cost because competitive aluminum systems can be complex and difficult to install. And, if a franchise sell, aluminum systems can be very expensive on a cost per foot installed basis.

There are many gutter guard products on the market. And, many claims. All work on the principle of molecular attraction between the gutter guard surface and surface of water. The real difference is the exclusive WaterFall multi-step design that makes it possible to handle the largest possible volume of water. Properly installed, WaterFall has been tested in conditions that simulated more than 10" of rain per hour.

WaterFall is extruded in durable rigid vinyl – the same high impact, weatherable compound as vinyl siding. It maintains flexibility and resistance to cracking and chipping even in toughest weather conditions.

Rigid PVC formulation will withstand extreme temperatures, ultraviolet exposure and weathering to keep an attractive appearance for years.

Click here to learn more about the Waterfall Gutter Guard system.

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